Monday, February 18, 2013

The Upstanding Citizens Guild

So here's the deal. 

Through separate events in both Game of the East and Game of the West*, a thieves' society sprang into life at the speed of DM-prov - purely because it needed to. That's exactly the phrase I'm looking for - "sprang into life" - as it feels less like it's coming out of my head and more like it's coming out of the world itself, as the World demanded it. This society did not exist before the first session; this society did not have motives until the second. The aim of today's post is to truly type it into full being. (And perhaps encourage my players to read my blog, which is meant to tell you about Daga without letting any spoilers through.)

The Upstanding Citizens Guild

The Upstanding Citizens are a fully licensed and operational guild. Their officially stated guild activities are "socializing, wealth management, and espionage." They lack a known guild hall, but as no members have ever complained on this point, it is merely considered an eccentricity. The UCG holds a number of very popular balls in the Capital of Carrigtrean each year. The guild claims no religious affiliation, but its members have been known to serve as agents for Logan on more than one occasion. 

The UCG openly welcomes all races and professions. Accordingly, many of its members are Beastmen, who often lack other working opportunities in urban areas. Their leader is known solely as Brook. A common way of asking whether a given person has membership in the UCG is to ask if they "have heard the babbling brook." This is merely a formality, of course, as the guild has a number of true passwords and signs that are closely guarded and changed each moon-turn. 

*I have been running multiple sessions of Bonehenge, and without the help of Evernote, I would be positively schizophrenic now. 
Game of the East: Online game with my friends back on the east coast.
Game of the West: In-person home game with my friends here on the west coast.
Ad Hoc: Random sessions open to the G+ community.

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