Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gaming blog, I has it! Also, Santicore.

I suppose I've gotten to that point in DMing where I need a gaming blog. Nothing to do but accept it and start posting my ideas here when I get the urge to create involved Evernote entries regarding torques at 3 AM.

Let me start by posting my Bonehenge Player's Guide. It is a serious work in progress, but the Players appear to be using it successfully to create characters in my Labyrinth Lord based tabletop game.


I received a lovely and well-thought out Were-Man Race Description in response to my extremely vague request born of frustration that I couldn't come up with feats or abilities that I actually liked and found playable on my own. My Beastman class exists, you see, but my nebulous "you can transform sometimes starting at level 3"rule was a sort of note to myself to get my act together by the time someone hit level 3.

Good stuff, though incorporating it into my class has created a sort of existential crisis over the entire idea of feats and abilities, how I want to do them for all of my mostly-homebrewed races and classes, and whether I've made some of them far too powerful compared to others. That probably deserves a post of its own later.

MEANWHILE, the request *I* received for "a scene of hierogamy" was, in my opinion, an invitation to create slapstick in table form.

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