Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rescue Ziggy Stardust from the Spiders on Mars

One-shot campaign: Rescue Ziggy Stardust from the Spiders on Mars.

Your goal: use the power of music and psychedelic drugs to get to Mars and rescue Ziggy Stardust, who is being held captive by (or perhaps just having tea with?) some spiders. 

Character creation will require a name, a musical instrument with a power chosen from a list, and mandatory portrait/scribble.

Example: Britt Bombshell, wielding a Keytar of Inner Strength, would be portrayed as a glittery onezie dwarfed by a frightening spray of 80's hair.

The characters are alone in a room containing an assortment of commonplace objects. All objects have a high chance of being made out of moonbeams and/or drugs. A high enough (har harr) concentration of the right combination of drugs will send our heroes to Mars! Use of the instruments will augment the effects (in good ways or bad? That depends on the roll).

Possible drug effects include: 
  • Blinding glitter
  • Everything is cats
  • NEON
  • Light refraction
  • Muppet infestation
  • Pretty much everything that happens in Nethack if you drink a potion of hallucination.